Studio 1919

Fanny Hill

Full-length costume drama adapted by Thomas Everchild
from John Cleland’s notorious 18th century novel

The adventures of Mistress Fanny Hill on a journey through the madams and tarts, sailors and gentlemen of the dark side of Georgian London

“… a hugely enjoyable bawdy romp . It’s deliciously naughty and well worth staying up for…!”

Jane-Ann Purdy, The Scotsman

“… Everchild’s adaptation for the stage catches the essential lusty humour and irreverence of John Cleland’s original book …

… Actress Philippa Hammond is instantly likeable as the much-sought-after Fanny, and brings an unexpected grace and vulnerability to the character…

… the intelligent script explores the base reality behind the veneer of genteel respectability in an enchanting and highly entertaining way…

… a scorcher of a show ..”

Liam Rudden, Edinburgh Evening News

“The Madames, rakes, fops and sailors of this time are wonderfully evoked and the erotic adventures and encounters of our heroine vividly realised…

… it’s very rude, often funny, but without ever descending into bad taste. Fringe drama doesn’t come any more stimulating than this…”

Ross Holloway, The List

Poster for the touring production of Glimpse


Originally produced by Afterthought Theatre Productions.

Comedy, tragedy and mystery – a quartet of one-act plays / monologues for women written by Thomas Everchild and originally performed by Philippa Hammond
The plays glimpse the lives of four characters from different points in history:

An Honorary Man

Drama – Fifth century Egypt: The final hours of scientist, philosopher and teacher, Hypatia of Alexandria

Turning The Handle

Vintage naughty romantic comedy-drama – Edwardian England: an unusual twist to a story set in the early days of cinema as a lady looks back on her life making naughty ‘what the butler saw’ films with her beloved

Little Girls Like to Kiss

Thriller – 1940s New York: Glamorous Marcia Blouse, receptionist to the mysterious private eye Dick Mammal … just what are the Black Hats plotting and what is Marcia’s terrible secret?

Backstage Whispers

Comedy-drama – Edinburgh Festival today: An actress caught backstage in mid performance recounts the true horrors of profit share in the fringe show from hell

Glimpse has an excellent track record and reviews, and may be available for performance, for amateur or professional production

Glimpse consists of four separate one woman pieces, each 25 minutes, which can be performed as a quartet or as individual plays or together in any combination

A full production may be mounted with a single voice or up to four performers

The plays were originally performed as a single 120 minute show (including interval) by Philippa Hammond, but they have since been performed together by different performers and as individual 25 minute plays

The Glimpse plays are flexible enough to be performed in large or small venues and at varying lengths

What the press say about Glimpse

“… a hit from the Edinburgh Fringe festival …

… drama, suspense and genuine laughs….

… graspable, engrossing and very entertaining …

… Hammond expertly places her audience in the scene, deftly moving across centuries and cultures as she embodies the mind and motivations of four women…”

Lyndsey Winship, The Argus

“… three-dimensional, literate and dramatic scripts …
… spellbinding and entertaining, heart rending and humorous….
… brilliant talent … an hour was all too short….”

Roderick Graham, The Scotsman

“… understated and impressively controlled…
… sense of command in script and acting. Hammond excels …
… the writing is taut, wry and understated. At best reminiscent of Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads, Glimpse is impressive, and well-named; fleeting moments of subtle theatrical insight…”

James Kirkup, The Scotsman

Unreliable Romances

A quirky cabaret noir written by Thomas Everchild

Original songs, stories and poems, Martian adventures and jolly hockey sticks – an evening of tall tales set in a 1950s radio show

The Neverland Singularity
Short comedy two-hander play by Thomas Everchild

An uptight scientist meets her match when a traffic jam throws her into philosophical wrangling with an erudite taxi driver

Thomas Everchild
A full-length two-hander

Science fiction drama mystery