Films in pre-production

Turning the Handle

Edwardian England: A lady looks back on her life making naughty ‘what the butler saw’ films with her beloved Herbert

Available Light

Ice Sleepers

A fantasy feature

Breakfast With Strangers

13 Hoag Alley

Films in post-production

Ye Onlie Way is Camelot

King Arthur comedy short: What would have happened if Merlin had invented silent movies?

Pride and Quatermass

Comedy short: TV’s Movie Heat interviews the stars of the latest blockbuster, Pride and Quatermass – Captain Quatermass of His Majesty’s Rocket Group and Elizabeth Bennet’s unmarried sisters join forces against invading Martians


Short drama: Medusa is alive and well and living in Brighton, and has the chance to rid herself of her terrible powers forever

Previous film projects

Born of Hope

Feature: Philippa plays Ivorwen, an ancestor of Aragorn, in this Lord Of The Rings-inspired film from Actors At Work Productions

Struck by Lightning

Comedy mockumentary short: Doctor Frankenstein – what really happened?

The Recovering

Science fiction short: An endless party aboard an airship adrift in the mist


The world’s shortest horror film: You’ll never look at dolls the same way again

Advance Warning

Short drama: A writer battles deadlines as her stories threaten to take over

The Purloined Ride

Comedy short: Studio 1919’s silent homage to “What the Butler Saw”