Thomas Everchild

Originally produced by Afterthought Theatre Productions.

The plays are now available to other companies.

It is a sequence of one-act plays / monologues for women, the plays were originally performed as a single 120minute show (including interval) by Philippa Hammond, but they have since been performed together by different performers and as individual 25minute plays.

The Glimpse plays are flexible enough to be performed in large or small venues and at varying lengths.

Glimpse has an excellent track record and reviews.

Glimpse consists of separate one woman pieces which can be performed separately, or together in any combination.

Each play is 25 minutes, so a production may be mounted from a single segment up to a full 100 minutes plus interval.
A full production may be mounted with a single voice or up to four performers.

The plays glimpse the lives of four characters from different points in history.

The plays:

An Honorary Man (Drama based on a tragic historical story of Hypatia in 450AD)

Turning The Handle (Vintage Naughty Romantic Comedy that gives an unusual twist to a story set in the early days of cinema)

Little Girls Like To Kiss (Thriller in the Film-Noir style, but told from a very different point of view)

Backstage Whispers (Comedy Of Catastrophe set backstage at an Edinburgh Fringe show)